We enable innovation. Everywhere.

Technologies are not only ensuring prosperity for a highly industrialized country like Germany, they change the society. In important areas of our living, they bring innovations that lead to new solutions for the great challenges of our time, such as climate protection and energy supply.

The NMWP Management GmbH is a well-known partner in business, science and the public sector for innovation-promoting services in the field of the key technologies, primarily nanotechnology, new materials, microsystem technology, photonics and quantum technologies. With regard to these five key technologies, Germany is very strong with a good international reputation. Its nationwide leading position is among other things based on a very high density of companies and institutes, a successful mix of medium-sized companies, large companies and research, and – a high speed of innovation, which is supported by good networking. Since all five key technologies are also cross-cutting technologies, NMWP Management GmbH advises, supports and links actors along the entire value-added chain from all leading markets.

In addition to innovation consulting, the preparation of strategy papers, roadmaps and studies etc., the service portfolio also includes the planning and realization of events and congresses as well as shared booths at trade fairs and congress fairs.

In addition to management, NMWP Management GmbH consists of the PR + Marketing department, the technology and network management department as well as the IT support and services department. All areas are occupied by well-known experts.

This is how NMWP Management GmbH acts as an innovation driver and makes an elementary contribution to the competitiveness of Germanys companies and research institutes in the international economic environment.