We take you to the future markets.

Through globalization, the international markets are moving closer and are developing more and more dynamic. This increases the pressure on each individual company, regardless of size or location. A company’s ability to innovate and entrepreneurial agility are the essential basis for its competitiveness. However, this increasingly depends on the networking of different industries, industries and technologies. In future, disruptive international relevant innovations will require a more interplay of different technological areas with the different markets. For this reason, the value of really good business contacts increases as well as the needed number of business contacts. The challenge is to create a sustainable and efficient network across markets and technologies.

The NMWP Management GmbH is your partner for the achievement of your future goals with a large network of various technology fields and their application.

Contacts emerge in real life…

Therefore, the network of the NMWP Management GmbH covers the key enabling technologies like nanotechnology, microsystem technology, new materials and photonics, as well as their fields of application. This is how the important connections are created that bring innovative products and sustainable added value.

In addition to our network, our various event formats are an important factor for “real life” networking. In order to minimize the “coincidence”-factor in networking, we are planning business-matchmakings online within the NMWP-Portal prior to international big-scale events (such as the NRW Nano-Conference).

…and digital as well!

The NMWP portal is used for networking, exchange and information of actors along the value chains in the field of key enabling technologies. The goal is always to create innovative products through sustainable technology transfer. Connections between technologies and applications are created, which – ideally – go beyond the original field of application to open up additional applications and thus new markets. By strengthening cross-innovation, value creation is maximized at any point in the process chain, in real-time, regardless of any distance or opening times.

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