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Communication as an important success factor.

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Communication is particularly challenging for key technology actors – the technologies are usually highly complex and require a deep understanding. In addition, communication is not one of the key issues in the industry and many of the innovative companies are small and medium-sized “hidden champions” with no capacity for public relation and marketing. For this reason, it is often difficult to communicate innovations from the fields of nanotechnology, microsystem technology, advanced materials and photonics in a way that the advantage of the transfer into innovations is immediately recognizable. For this reason, the team “public relation and marketing” of the NMWP Management GmbH does not only provide our own communication, but also offers the services to key players from the fields of key technologies. In order to guarantee a holistic cross-channel-communication, communication- and project managers and programmers work closely together. Interconnected cross-media communication always becomes into being with a glance at the economic proportionality and the return on investment.

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From basic design up to comprehensive communication concepts.

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Communication has to be target- and content-specific. This includes the choice of the communication-channels. In order to enable the actors from the cluster and the association to communicate in an effective way, the NMWP Management GmbH provides a wide marketing-mix. The NMWP magazine, for example, provides insights into current projects and developments. In general, not least so that readers can understand the underlying innovative principle and clearly identify application potentials. So the magazine invites you to entertain and informative rummage. In the case of major events such as the NRW Nano Conference, NMWP Management GmbH takes over the planning, coordination and implementation of the entire communication – offline from the invitation mailing to the conference conference as well as online from the social media announcements and information campaign to the always up-to-date Landingpage with all the important facts and numerous background information.

Online is not the range of NMWP Management GmbH no less: Long-term experience in the conception and implementation of multimedia campaigns and websites enables us to the complete keyboard of the digital media InHouse to use. Tools such as GoogleAnalytics provide an efficient means of real-time success control in order to assess the cost-effectiveness of communication, to quickly identify changes, and to adapt the strategy in the ongoing process.

We are thus in a position to efficiently support the communication of the players from start-up to international large companies – starting with the development of an image until the conception of networked crossmedial campaigns.

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