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Our know-how for your success.

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From the spin-off from a research institute or the creation of a classic start-up over the growth phase of your company to “global players” – the chances and risks cannot be more different. Through the long-time expertise of our highly specialized project managers, we have a deep understanding of the challenges companies have to face in the various growth phases.
In addition to individual company- and innovation-consulting, the experience of NMWP Management GmbH in the acquisition and implementation of research and funding projects is a good way to support growth through suitable R&D projects.
We take care of the complete project handling – from the evaluation of suitable programs to the creation of an application and the activation of potential project partners, right up to the project-management.

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Funding advice

In addition to the initiation of funding projects at state, federal and EU level, NMWP Management GmbH is responsible for the emergence of numerous applications for these programs. Small, topic-specific tenders such as thermoelectric generators are as important to us as larger tenders, for example the NRW-focused “Leitmarktwettbewerb Neue Werkstoffe.NRW”, the nationwide KMU-NetC-Program, transboundary INTERREG IVa and INTERREG Va-Projects like “Diamant” and “ROCKET” and international Interreg Europe Projects like “NMP-REG” und “STEPHANIE”.

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