“Edison’s electric light did not come about from the continuous improvement of candles”

Oren Harari

Technologies are not only ensuring prosperity for a highly industrialized country like Germany, they change the society. In important areas of our lives, they bring forth innovations that lead to new solutions for the great challenges of our time, such as climate protection and energy supply. The promotion of technology transfer, value creation and innovation are the central tasks of NMWP Management GmbH.

We support you on different levels:

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We support your development in a multidisciplinary way – from business- and innovation-consulting up to the management of funded R&D projects.

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We optimize your corporate communication and offer cross-channel marketing from high-quality print projects via social media strategies to your own website.

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We bring you into business – with our broad network of technology developers and technology users, we cover complete value chains.

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We organize your knowledge transfer – with our know-how for various event formats such as workshops, classic events or congresses as well as our social media tool, which can be customized to your needs, we offer all facets of Technology- and Knowledge-transfer.

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We enable your innovations – name your idea and we take care of the rest. From project development to the acquisition of Partners and the whole administration during the project runtime.

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How can we help you?

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Do you have any questions or comments?
We are happily looking forward hearing from you!

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